Birthing Stories

My Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Story

by Tawnya M.

Emotionally and physically injured from a surprise cesarean section with her first birth, Tawnya M. struggles through the pain and despair of a vaginal birth after cesarean. Find out how she dealt with her OB, the hospital staff and negativity from family during her trial of labor. Read more…

Congratulations Jaci!!!!

After 75 hours of labor, Jaci delivered a posterior, asynclitic 9lb 4ounce boy, with the help of a vacuum. Congratulations on your successful VBAC! Read all about her recent VBAC, and her the c-section of her first child (failed induction) on her blog

Mom has VBAC with full term triplets

From ICAN 

Dr. Tate, of Atlanta Georgia attended the VBAC of triplets! The first 2 babies were presented head down and the third was a footling breech. All 3 babies had excellent apgar scores. Read more about this birth at peacefull parenting

Successful VBAC at VCMC! This hospital does not allow VBACs

By Nicole, Birth Action Coalition 

“The attending doctor came in and gave me the Scare Tactic Risks Lecture.  My kids were in the room the whole time and I don’t have very much respect for this doctor anymore as I felt this demonstrated horrible bedside manner.  It included the usual percentages (not including my actual risk percentage since I already have had a VBAC) and death or damage to the baby (just for extra scare factor).  My doula and I both explained the truth to my kids after the doctor left.  We all know this is a legal issue, not a medical one.  After he left there was not a single mention about it.  I was allowed to proceed without issue.  The contractions were incredibly strong.” read the rull article  

Rachel’s Birth Story

By Rachel, mother of Jack 

At her 39 week checkup, Rachel was pressured to schedule a c-section because her baby was estimated to be over 9lbs. Rather than giving into the OB’s fear tactics, Rachel did her own research and realized the Dr wasn’t thinking about her or her baby’s health. Read her inspiring birth story and find out if she had a vaginal more… 

An Emotional VBAC Journey

by Kristine 

I was entirely confident that my first child would be delivered naturally. I’m young, I’m fit, I’m strong, I’m flexible, I eat healthy, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I think positively. 

Not only was this child going to be delivered naturally, but I expected it to go rather quickly and without any need for pain medication of any sort. 36 hours of labour, and 3 hours of pushing later I was hyperventilating, dehydrated and exhausted into the deepest core of my bones. read more… 

Home Birth

Submitted by Megan, mother to Isaac 

I had a really amazing birth – a home birth. I carefully selected my birth team. The Universe gifted me with an amazing doula, Karen Kelly, a wonderfully supportive and professional midwife, Marcy Perlman Tardio, and my husband. 

My contractions began as I was walking home from dinner at the restaurant where my husband works. I had a huge dinner, as I was ravenous. We think it was the Dominican soup! read more..


(that’s right, a VBAC after 3 c-sections!)
by Tina “VBACQUEEN”  

I had my first CS following a failed induction at 35 weeks for severe pre-eclampsia. Hours of horrendous labour resulted in only 4cms dilation and my little one was suffering. The whole experience was awful. 

My second CS was as a result of being talked into it by my consultant – there was no medical reason for it and if I’d known then what I know now, it would never have taken place. I had insisted that I be awake for this one and they managed to knock me out half way through by mistake so I missed another birth. . . read more… 

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